October 2020
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Dropped Calls

They promise no dropped calls.  No guarantees, though, on there being no dropped vowels!

Dress Warmly, Mother!

Mars needs mom’s red riding hood because it’s chilly on the red planet and they don’t want her to catch a cold.

Too Much Togetherness

There are some things the whole family shouldn’t do together.

Beware Of Falling Municipalities

Be cautious and stay alert at all times when walking through the San Francisco Bay Area.  An entire city might suddenly fall on you!

In their quest to keep the front page news headlines as brief and concise as possible, Yahoo! doesn’t always succeed in conveying the main point of every news story.  Then again, maybe this was just some new form of protest that the City of Berkeley is so well known for.

Thanks, Yahoo!, for clearing that up for us.

(Oh, and if we are reading these Yahoo! headlines correctly, when visiting Oakland it is apparently safer to remain standing.)

Politically Correct Pants?

Slim Husky???  Come on!  You’re either one or the other.

What’s next?  “Maxi-Petite” clothing for “Macro-Svelte” people?

The only way in which the term “slim husky” is not oxymoronic is if you are referring to a Siberian dog on a weight loss program.

Ups & Downs

That ain’t all that’s out of order!

If a “team member” is the one who set up this sign then perhaps they aren’t the best people to seek additional assistance from.  Besides they’re probably all huddled together at the bottom of the escalator trying to figure out which button to push to get to the 3rd floor.

Foot in Mouth

Have you put your foot in your mouth lately?  We know a guy who can help…

Mystery Meat?

We’re all for some good wings.  It’s the “…& Things” part that has us concerned.

Stop Caution! Stop Children!

Look, you can’t have it both ways. If you stop caution you might end up with children.

Quite the linguist

Maybe while they are closed they should set aside some time for “spelleristic educationalizing”.